Intl Travel Grant

International Research Travel Grant

Currently not accepting applications


Notre Dame Global is pleased to announce the International Research Travel Grant program. The goal of the program is to act as a catalyst for international research collaborations by funding travel for individuals or groups exploring long-term research collaborations.

Funds can be used to cover travel expenses for individual faculty and up to a team of 3 interdisciplinary faculty members.

Grant Awardees

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Full-time regular members of the Notre Dame faculty, library faculty and special professional faculty are eligible to apply.

The program can support faculty of all ranks but also intends to help faculty who may have access to fewer departmental resources for building international research partnerships.

Faculty are not eligible to receive a grant in two consecutive years, whether as an individual or as part of a team.


Individual Awards: Funding requests up to $2500

Group Awards: Funding provided for 3 faculty up to a maximum of $7500

Application Guidelines

To request funding from the International Research Travel Grant program, please submit a proposal to NDG’s submissions manager. Submitted proposals will be reviewed after each indicated deadline.

Each application should include the following:

  • Proposal title, amount being requested, project director (PD) name, department/center/institute affiliation, phone, email, co-PD (s) (if it is a group application).
  • Proposal Description: should include: (i) a summary of the research or creative project (400 to 450 words), (ii) justification for travel (no more than 200 words), (iii) a timeline for completion of the travel; and (iv) information about ways in which the applicant plans to support the continued development of the project.
  • Proposed travel dates.
  • Budget with justification.
  • Current abbreviated CV (3-page limit) for each ND applicant.
  • Current abbreviated CV (3-page limit) for the main investigator at the institution to which you propose to travel.
  • Letter from anticipated partner at international institution indicating their willingness to meet and discuss research.
  • A letter of support from each ND applicant’s department chair endorsing the travel stating that the applicant does not have a strong current tie with the proposed partner(s).


  • Well-defined outcome(s) must be anticipated, such as a joint project or a proposal in anticipation of future funding.
  • As awards are not likely to cover all travel expenses, applicants are encouraged to demonstrate some financial commitment from their department or other source. Cost sharing should ensure mutually exclusive expenses.
  • Allowable expenses include airfare, visas, accommodation and ground transportation.
Priority Funding Areas
  • Applicants whose goals may not be realized without an in-person visit to the institution.
  • Applicants who have not previously traveled to the specific institution. 
  • Applicants who demonstrate impact of proposed activities and connection to long-term goals.
  • For group applications, proposals that include an interdisciplinary component.
Ineligible Activities
  • conference attendance or travel with a goal of planning a conference
  • student travel

Grantee Obligations

Recipients will submit an on-line report on the activities of the grant, and future plans for continued collaboration, within 30 days of completing travel.


For more information about NDG’s faculty engagement and research programs, please contact:

Geraldine Meehan
Director of Faculty Engagement
Notre Dame Global
Phone:  574 631-7742