Global Network

Notre Dame’s Global Network, in some of the most important cities in the world, are more than launching pads for our faculty and students. They allow for rich collaborations with local universities, research centers, governments, churches, and grassroots organizations.

These intellectual hubs offer neutral sites for discourse and debate. They afford our students opportunities to open their minds and hearts to new cultures, and take the first step toward becoming true global citizens.

Meanwhile, the global partnerships have allowed our faculty to collaborate with the brightest minds in government, religion, and academia as they work together towards shared goals of knowledge, truth, and service. This network allows our students and our faculty to reach further.

These intellectual hubs, overseen by Notre Dame Global, create unique opportunities for Notre Dame to engage the world and the world to engage Notre Dame through scholarly collaboration, undergraduate and graduate study, as well as cooperative programs with governments, foundations, corporations, alumni, parents, and friends of the University. 

International Global Gateway Asia Asia

Beijing, Hong Kong & Mumbai

Home to nearly 60 percent of the world’s population across 48 countries, and the largest single contributor to the world’s economy, Asia offers abundant opportunities for scholarship, discovery, and collaboration in a wide array of fields. A living embodiment of traditional civilizations and progressive innovation, Asia provides opportunities to reflect on historic events, to engage in critical global issues, and to envision possibilities for a more peaceful and sustainable world.

74 Greater China Scholars have attended Notre Dame since it launched in 2011 with over $3.5 million in funding

54% of Notre Dame’s international students from 17 countries in fall 2019 are from Asia

4591 followers on the Notre Dame WeChat

430 members of the Notre Dame parents associations in Asia

30 universities have partnered with Notre Dame for student and research exchange in Asia

International Global Gateway Middle East MIddle East


Jerusalem is a city of diverse languages, cultures and faiths situated at the intersections of complex political, religious, and moral exchanges. It sits within a region in search of sustainable strategies related to conflict resolution, inter-religious and ecumenical dialogue, and water shortages, to name a few. Jerusalem is a natural destination for exploring core Notre Dame priorities connected to global affairs, peace studies, and theology. Similarly, both Israeli and Palestinian societies are vibrant cultures rife with opportunity in fields from psychology, global health, gender studies and nanotechnology.

110 undergraduate program participants since its founding in 2013

15 traditional meals cooked by undergraduates

3 oldest statues known to human history seen (over 10,000 years old)

5 baby camels met

1000s pieces of falafel enjoyed

International Global Gateway Ireland Ireland

Dublin & Kylemore Abbey

For the lucky bunch who make their way to Ireland, an authentic experience awaits. From the Dublin hub at the historic O’Connell House, to the hallowed halls of Kylemore Abbey in scenic Connemara, to a burgeoning program at National University of Ireland in Galway, opportunities await the Fighting Irish for spiritual growth, academic progress, and cultural immersion. 

504 participants in Dublin and Kylemore programs

18 programs offered

42 students participating in the Irish Internship Programme

10,800 cups of tea served

2,455,200 steps hiked by program participants

International Global Gateway United Kingdom United Kingdom


From the bustling streets of London, Notre Dame visitors are guaranteed a truly international experience. In a global city where cultures mingle, where the historic and the modern meet, and where progress and tradition live in union, residents are offered a unique perspective on the world. From its perch on a corner in Trafalgar Square, Notre Dame London is immersed the vibrant city life, while containing a quiet, contemplative retreat for academic progress.

442 undergraduate students

100 students with internships

54 law students

35 organizations hosting interns

61 faculty members

International Global Gateway Italy Italy


As a preeminent Catholic research university, it is fitting that Notre Dame’s engagement with Rome and the Holy See be strong and enduring. Though the city has long hosted our renowned architecture program, students and faculty from all fields of inquiry can now find opportunities for study and research in the Eternal City. 

73 Notre Dame faculty teaching or presenting a conference

898 international participants in conference and events

350 students who learned to say "buon appetito"

1,200 hours of community service

32 local partners with ongoing collaborations and projects

International Global Gateway Latin America Latin America

Mexico, Santiago & São Paulo

Though Notre Dame has a long and storied history of recruiting students and faculty from Latin America, now, perhaps more than ever before, are our sights set south. A growing number of faculty and student exchanges, professional partnerships, and academic collaborations, in combination with our existing study abroad programs, guarantee a productive and lasting relationship between Notre Dame and Latin America.

30 years of hosting the pre-program and semester study abroad programs in Santiago

1,208 Notre Dame alumni club members in Mexico, Santiago and São Paulo

83 Notre Dame undergraduate students from Brazil in 2023

2,460 hours of immersive student internships in Santiago and São Paulo

22 years of hosting the pre-health program in Puebla, Mexico

International Global Gateway Nairobi Africa


Notre Dame’s engagement in Nairobi offers a glimpse into the University's commitment to global impact. Nairobi, with its mix of cultural heritage and modernization, presents an ideal landscape for Notre Dame’s values of service, education, and research to thrive. The city’s role as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa aligns with Notre Dame’s goals, providing a fertile ground for impactful collaborations.

25 partner organizations—including universities, research institutions and think tanks

6,720 hours of immersive student internships

4 key collaborations with universities to facilitate exchange programs

50 attendees to the first Pamoja Initiative Conference

257 members from nine different countries comprise the Notre Dame Alumni Club of East Africa