Grants and Funding

The intellectual breadth at the University of Notre Dame spans nearly every discipline imaginable, but it is those key areas of research where innovation can promote good in the world that Notre Dame shines. By boldly embracing our Catholic mission to serve our neighbor, we are focused on areas including economics, global development, global health, nanotechnology, nuclear physics, energy, computational data science and engineering, energy, climate change, and cancer research.

If we make true progress in these research areas, the ramifications could have global significance. Discoveries in those fields could change the world as we know it. While we believe the bright minds at Notre Dame are suited for these great challenges, we also acknowledge that collaboration with our colleagues across countries and continents, across nationalities and religions, across time zones and climates, will lead to the most fruitful yield. If we at Notre Dame Global can leverage our global network across Asia, Latin America, and Europe to bring the brightest minds to Notre Dame, and to bring Notre Dame to the innovators across the globe, we are certain we will discover and create knowledge for the good of our neighbors and for the good of the world.

Notre Dame Global Grants

Notre Dame Global encourages and supports international faculty initiatives through grant funding, partnerships in hosting conferences and events, and research support. 

Please contact Geraldine Meehan with any questions regarding the following NDG grants:

Notre Dame Global Grant Partnerships

Notre Dame Global collaborates with campus partners to help provide additional research funding opportunities.