International Research Travel Grant Awardees

“Partner Institution(s)” listed below signify the institution(s) where the ND researcher has a colleague with whom they are collaborating for the purposes of the grant. It does not necessarily signify any formal institutional partnership.

2019-2020 Awardees

Assaf, Badih
Liu, Xinyu

Department: Physics
Research: Collaborative Research: the design of novel magnetic topological quantum materials
Partner Institution: Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Beers, Timothy C.

Department: Physics
Research: Participation in the S-PLUS Collaboration Meeting at USP, Brazil
Partner Institution: University of São Paulo, Brazil

Eisenman, Joshua
Gholz, Charles Eugene

Department: Keough School of Global Affairs; Political Science
Research: Notre Dame-Fudan International Relations Scholars Research Workshop
Partner Institution: Fudan University, China

Kuno, Masaru

Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry
Research: Establishing an international collaboration in materials science
Partner Institution: Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy

Metoyer, Ronald

Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Research: Smart Social Services Recommendation and Maintenance
Partner Institution: University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

Parent, Joseph

Department: Political Science Department, Notre Dame International Security Center
Research: Status in South America
Partner Institution: Universidad Del Norte, Colombia

Yuan, Ke-Hai

Department: Psychology
Research: Alternative Measures of Effect Size in Moderation Analysis
Partner Institution: Beijing Normal University, China

2018-2019 Awardees

Adeney Thomas, Julia

Department: History and Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies
Research: The Multidisciplinary Anthropocene in Asia
Partner Institution: Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology, South Korea

Bartkus, Viva
Kaboski, Joe
Sievers, Sara

Department: Management & Organization; Economics; Keough School of Global Affairs
Research: Employing Business and Markets to Serve Communities Emerging from Conflict
Partner Institution: Fundacion Ideas Para La Paz, Colombia 

Cai, Liang

Department: History
Research: Realizing the Dream of Philosopher-King: Confucians and Bureaucratic Empire in Early China
Partner Institution: Fudan University, China 

Cheng, Ying
Liu, Cheng

Department: Psychology
Research: Web-CAT: An Interactive Web-Based System for Computerized Adaptive Testing
Partner Institution: Goethe University, Germany

Crass, Jonathan

Department: Physics
Research: Applying novel photonic technologies to astronomical instruments
Partner Institution: University of Heidelberg, Germany

Hubbard, Timothy

Department: Management & Organization, MCOB
Research: Understanding Corporate Reputation Through Biometric Analyses
Partner Institution: University of Oxford, UK

Khandelwal, Kapil

Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences
Research: Development of the Next Generation of Lithium-ion Fuel Cells using Multiscale-Multiphysics Simulation and Topology Optimization Methods
Partner Institution: Università degli Studi di Brescia, Italy

Lieberman, Marya

Department: Chemistry & Biochemistry and Eck Institute for Global Health
Research: What would it take to test the quality of 10,000 medicines per year in Nigeria?
Partner Institution: National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, Nigeria

Neretina, Svetlana

Department: Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Research: Environmental Remediation of Nitroaromatic Compounds
Partner Institution: University of Cagliari, Italy

Niemier, Michael

Department: Computer Science & Engineering
Research: Evaluating architectures and applications for merged logic and memory fabrics based on ferroelectric transistors
Partner Institution: Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology, France

O'Sullivan, Thomas

Department: Electrical Engineering
Research: Noninvasive imaging of human lactation physiology
Partner Institution: University of Twente, Netherlands

Onyango, John

Department: School of Architecture
Research: Sandpit on High Performance Buildings trip to Beijing China
Partner Institution: Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, China

Powell, Emilia

Department: Political Science
Research: The Islamic Legal Tradition and the International Order
Partner Institution: University of Oxford, UK

Whitmer, Jonathan K.

Department: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Research: Collaborative Research Proposal: Ionic Liquid Crystals
Partner Institution: University of San  Luis Potos, Mexico