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Blue And Yellow Typography Peace Stop The War Instagram Story

Post to Stop the War: This resource is designed by UCU students to share abroad quickly and easily the most important messages about the war. All of the messages have already been translated into the 36 languages of different countries. You can also use pictures from the poster gallery. We hope this resource will be a reliable assistant to you! Let's post, repost, and share to stop the war in Ukraine!


Since the beginning of the war, UCU has contributed $1.18 million to Ukraine’s victory

Russia, Our Lady and the Faith of Ukraine

For Ukraine, and for the World, What's Next? - Myroslav Marynovych (link to the article online)

Putin Made A Profound Miscalculation On Ukraine - NYT Article (link to the article online)

Ukraine: thousands sign plea for scientific sanctions against Russia 

We demand action!

Photos posted by UCU

International theologians in support of Ukraine

Stand with Ukraine: LvBS and UCU students draw the world's attention to the war

Students pour into volunteer center to assist Ukrainian soldiers

Appeal to the CEEMAN Board

World prayer for peace in Ukraine

Foreign international legion: how to join?

“We believe that after this horrible war there will be victory for Ukraine, which this new day relentlessly brings closer” – His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk (English & Italian)

UCU Rector's sermon on the first Sunday of the war

"Putin will not stop at the Polish border. His next goal will be to revive the USSR and get NATO out of Eastern Europe" – Myroslav Marynovych

Is it just the war of Ukrainians or also mine? - How you can help Ukraine now

The danger of nuclear disaster - what can we do to prevent it?

We should unite all our efforts to stop the war now!

Appeal from UCU students: Together we can stop the war


Patriarch Sviatoslav from Kyiv:

March 3
March 1
February 28
February 27

Short stories from the Great War:


UCU Business School Community: life after February 24, 2022

Stand with Ukraine! We fight for civilized future! - Yuriy Pidlisny

Archbishop Borys Gudziak with Raymond Arroyo

Young Ukrainian appeals to global business community

Putin's war crimes: Yevhen Laniuk, Ph. D., Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science at UCU

Metropolitan Opera: Ukrainian National Anthem

Student volunteer movement to support Ukraine in action

The story of UCU student and her family who had to evacuate from Kharkiv

Expressing gratitude to our friends from abroad - the fight for freedom is going on!

You are part of the big Ukrainian ocean

UCU students collecting things for the Ukrainian army

UCU student reads O. Oles's poem "Europe was silent" (1931) (in English)

We do believe in our army and support it!

Songs of war from UCU students

Highlights from the discussion about the current situation in Ukraine


Berlin Shoing Support For UkraineAt least 100,000 people hit the streets in Berlin on Sunday against Russia’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine. Their message was clear ⁠— “Stop the war” and “peace in Ukraine and all of Europe.”