How to Help


Ways to help through UCU

Humanitarian Aid

  • Ukrainian Catholic University (FB page): If you want and can join humanitarian activities, you may send any aid you deem appropriate. Please check our FB page for the list of current needs.
  • Ukrainian Educational Platform: Another reliable partner that is populated by UCU graduates as well as students. It works on helping territorial defense and providing humanitarian aid to local support centers that serve those affected by military actions with shelter, food, transfer.
  • Building Ukraine Together: Provides help to the Ukrainian Army and Territorial defense in Kyiv by sourcing items like electric generators, walkie-talkies, medications, sleeping bags, etc. (headed by UCU graduates)

Financial Support

  • UCU’s operation is now fully devoted to defending our country and supporting people affected by the war. We would be grateful for your donations to ensure the fulfillment of our mission during this time, as well as the functioning and safety of the university community.
  • You may also send donations to Ukrainian Catholic University Foundation.
  • Catholic Relief Services: CRS and Caritas partners on the ground are preparing across Ukraine and in bordering countries, ready to provide safe shelter, hot meals, hygiene supplies, fuel to keep warm, transport to safe areas, counseling support and more.
  • Caritas Ukraine: Caritas Ukraine provides humanitarian assistance in the form of clothing, footwear and other necessary items to hundreds of people a week in Ukraine.
  • National Bank of Ukraine: The National Bank of Ukraine has opened a special fundraising account for humanitarian support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.The account accepts multiple currencies, you can transfer funds in international currencies (USD, Euro, Pounds) as well as in Ukrainian currency.