Notre Dame students visit the Emberá Qera indigenous community located in the outskirts of the Darien region in Panama to learn about the community and their adapted sustainable development practices as the result of migrants crossing the Panamanian jungle. Here, our students travel by "piragua", the local name for a wooden canoe, on the Gatún River to get to the community.

Notre Dame Global in Photos: May 2024

This photo gallery highlights some of the valuable interactions and experiences Notre Dame faculty, staff and students have taken part in over the past month.

Sustainability Spotlight: Eimear Clowry

Across the pond in the Emerald Isle, a tireless sustainability champion serves as the Senior Associate Director of Notre Dame’s Dublin Global Gateway. Since 2008, Eimear Clowry has been working to develop and implement Notre Dame’s vision and strategy in Ireland via building and promoting strategic…
Sharon Stack

Women Who Empower: Sharon Stack

In the West of Ireland, we know Sharon Stack as an advocate and cofounder of Biseach, a cancer research collaboration project that builds on the complementary strengths of Galway and Notre Dame cancer research.
Global Citizenship Series

Notre Dame International’s Global Citizenship Series: March 2024

In this third installment of the 2024 Notre Dame International series on how all of us in the Notre Dame community can cultivate our global citizenship skills, we feature several performances, lectures, and activities that, during the month of March, open up the world to us right here on the...
Dragon Painting Hr2

Notre Dame Beijing and Hong Kong colleagues reflect on the Lunar New Year

This year, the Lunar New Year starts on Saturday, February 10, and marks the Year of the Dragon, a symbol of good luck, strength, and health. Of all the animals that comprise the Chinese Zodiac, only dragons are mythical. As a result, they are often the subject of traditional Chinese...
Lviv Church

A laboratory for social innovation: Resilience and recovery in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has showcased the resilience of the Ukrainian people and made the country a living laboratory where new models of social development can be conceived and tested.  It was a frosty morning in February 2022, and dark clouds hung overhead. On this otherwise…
Gk Chesterton 1200

G.K. Chesterton and Notre Dame

When Rev. Charles O’Donnell, C.S.C., assumed the presidency of the University in 1928, he sought to bring to campus guest lecturers who could help elevate Notre Dame’s academic reputation. One such invitation was extended to Gilbert Keith (G.K.) Chesterton of England. It was, in some ways, an obvious choice: At...
Learning In London

Learning in London

London is one of the world’s most dynamic cities, and that’s reflected in the opportunities afforded to Notre Dame students who study there. But it’s more than just the coursework…
Jasmine Mitchell Thumbnail

From Dublin to London to D.C., American studies major pursues research, internships, and coursework focused on improving affordable housing for urban communities

In just the past year, Notre Dame junior Jasmine Mitchell has studied in Dublin, London, and Washington, D.C. In each location she’s traveled to, Mitchell has studied how localities are addressing affordable housing, and she hopes to eventually bring innovative solutions back to urban communities in the United States. Because no...
Common Home

East and West, Notre Dame in Ireland Episode 2: Common Home

In episode two, we explore Notre Dame students' work on environmental issues in Ireland. None is more pressing than the role of bogs, a quintessential feature of the Irish landscape. They've been plowed over for generations to harvest the underlying peat for fuel. As the practice is phased out, one...