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The Fruits of the Abraham Accords


Location: McNeil Room, LaFortune Student Center

A new era of Peace, Hope and Prosperity in the Middle East

The Abraham Accords have shifted the geopolitical order in the Middle East. It has proven to show great benefits to the government, private sectors and the peoples of the Abraham Accords countries even during one of the most challenging pandemics of our lives. This proves that with strong leadership and commitment, anything is possible.

Notre Dame International, the Jewish Student Club of Notre Dame, and the Jewish Federation of St. Joseph Valley jointly invite all members of the Notre Dame community and friends of the University to a panel discussion featuring Sharaka NGO representatives sharing their work to promote people-to-people peace initiatives in the Middle East.

This event will be presented in person and via Zoom.

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Keynote Speakers

Omar Al Busaidy
Omar Al Busaidy

Omar Al Busaidy, CEO of Sharaka USA, is a Fulbright Scholar and Author. With a master’s degree in International Affairs & Intelligence at Florida State University, Omar is also a Non-Resident fellow at Trends Research & Advisory a geo-political think tank based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

His multiple roles have allowed him to achieve several accomplishments, from publishing his self-help book ‘Just Read It’ and his upcoming book on futurism titled “Why Jobs are Robots and Life is for People’, to investing in start ups in the tech sector.

A former Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum and an alumni of the State Department’s IVLP, Omar has been invited to mentor students on entrepreneurship, communication and leadership at several universities and conferences across the UAE and around the world.





Dan Feferman
Dan Feferman

Dan Feferman is an Israeli-American author, speaker, researcher, and thought leader who focuses on Israel, the Jewish world, and the Middle East. He publishes and speaks regularly in Israel and around the world, and is co-host of the Jewanced Podcast. He also consults on international intelligence and public relations campaigns.

Dan is a fellow at the Jewish People Policy Institute, a leading think-tank that focuses on issues of importance to Israel and the Jewish people. In this capacity, he is the author of the groundbreaking “Rising Streams: Reform and Conservative Judaism in Israel”, and a forthcoming book on changing dynamics in the American Jewish community.

Dan is director of communications and global affairs at Sharaka, where he helps forge people-to-people peace between Israel and the Arab world. He is also a founding member of the UAE-Israel Business Council.

Dan is a Major (res.) in the Israel Defense Forces, where he served in various national security and foreign policy roles. He holds a BA in International Politics and Middle East Studies from the American University in Washington DC and an MA in Security Studies from Tel Aviv University.