Impact of Sea Level Rise on the City of Mumbai


Location: Virtual

Mumbai Event

From 8am to 9.30am EST / 6:30pm-8:00pm IST

The Mumbai Studio would like to invite you to a short presentation of our ongoing project in Mumbai, India. The students from 4th year studio and Prof. Krupali Krusche, associate professor, School of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame will show the work they have done to start a discourse on the rising sea levels and their impact on the city of Mumbai. This event will be moderated by Dhiraj Mehra, director of the Mumbai Global Center.

As predicted by the UN, a population explosion is expected in Asia, with a rise in the world population to 9.7 billion by 2050 and reaching a peak of 11 billion by 2100. Given these predictions, cities with already large densities like Tokyo and Mumbai will face major issues when planning visionary expansions of the city to accommodate larger densities of people without losing a space’s quality and interaction. The key lies in learning from the precedents set by the dense cities that have achieved this in the past.

Beyond the population explosion, issues like rising water levels around the globe are creating a major and urgent need to prepare design and engineering solutions that can help these cities survive this change in predicted water levels. In Mumbai, where the land is surrounded by sea on 3 sides, the situation becomes urgent pretty quickly. The Government of India, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change is looking into the issues related to rising water levels and much needed change in urban development to cater to this change.

We will show some of the first conceptual ideas for the southern tip of the island city of Mumbai. Specific stakeholders will be invited to the discussion for contributing thoughts and conversations.

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