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Sustainable Development in the Age of Coronavirus virtual panel discussion


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How is the coronavirus pandemic changing the nature, focus, and operation of sustainable businesses, which exist to solve humanitarian and environmental problems? How can established businesses adapt to become more responsible to communities? What new ethical considerations have arisen, especially in terms of communities, human rights, and the environment? 

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This panel of experts in sustainable business and Asia will examine the new challenges for sustainable business in terms of organizational response, research, business education, and stakeholder engagement.

"Sustainable Business Development in the Age of Coronavirus" is part of the virtual discussion series Global Fragility and Pandemic: Insight from Asia and Notre Dame, a collaboration between the Liu Institute and Notre Dame International. Read about the series here. 


This panel discussion will be held through a Zoom webinar.

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Moderator and Panelists

Michel Hockx 300 X 330

Michel Hockx
Director, Liu Instiute for Asia and Asian Studies, University of Notre Dame



Georges Enderle

Professor Emeritus, Mendoza College of Business and Keough School of Global Affairs, University of Notre Dame

Jessica Mcmanus Warnell

Jessica McManus Warnell

Associate Teaching Professor, Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame

William Yu

William Yu

CEO, World Green Organisation, Hong Kong

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