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Hosting Visitors

Notre Dame’s engagement with the international academic community is critical in strengthening the university's leadership in teaching, research, scholarship, and social action. Our partnerships and exchanges with foreign colleagues and institutions abroad enhance our programs, create new collaborative research opportunities, and enrich our community.

Below are resources and information for departments planning to host international visitors at Notre Dame.

Travel and Lodging

Any department arranging travel for international guests may consider using Notre Dame’s visitor resources.


For students, scholars, or visitors whose visas will be sponsored by Notre Dame, the International Student and Scholar Affairs (ISSA) website can guide you through the visa process and your departmental responsibilities.

Reimbursing Travel Expenses for International Visitors

It is often appropriate to provide travel reimbursements, honoraria, and other payments to our distinguished guests. However, in order to be able to process these payments to non-U.S. citizens (or nonresident aliens for tax purposes), Notre Dame is required by U.S. federal agencies to obtain specific information. Review guidance on honoraria and expense reimbursements for international visitors to discern whether and how to pay or reimburse your visitor.

NDG Supported Visits

Notre Dame Global is pleased to consider hosting short-term visits (one day or less) that are sponsored by senior faculty or members of NDG’s Global Leadership Team and have the endorsement of the Vice President and Associate Provost for Internationalization, or Deputy, that meet at least one of the following criteria:

Criteria for Eligibility:
  • The visit involves senior leadership from international peer universities or government organizations with existing partnerships.
  • Scholarly visits with faculty backing aligned with NDG’s strategic plan that involves multiple campus units.
  • The delegation includes high-ranking government officials representing country leadership.
  • Visitors want to meet with the University President or Provost Cabinet-level leadership.
  • The visit involves an advisory council member or other volunteer leaders.
Group size:
  • We typically plan for 4 or fewer participants to ensure productive partnership discussions and space availability.

Request a sponsored visit:
  • Please complete the visit request form at least 6 weeks prior to the proposed visit. A member of NDG’s Global Operations Team will be in touch within 5 working days.

  • Please note there are periods when faculty and staff have limited availability. Visits cannot be scheduled during university holidays, and campus constituents may be less available from mid-May until mid-August, the last two weeks of December, the first two weeks of January, and spring break (late March). 

  • Please understand due to a high volume of demand, Notre Dame is not able to accommodate all visit requests nor all requests to meet with leadership. We appreciate your interest.


For questions regarding visits to campus, please contact Lauri Roberts via email.