U.S. State Department Updates Worldwide Travel Caution

Author: Amanda Skofstad

In light of terrorist activity in Europe—and the U.S. State Department's update to the October 2014 Worldwide Travel Caution—Notre Dame International reminds Notre Dame travelers, especially students in Study Abroad programs, of the following resources and preventative safety measures:

  • Know that your choices impact your safety. Remember that much of your safety depends on choices for which you are responsible. We advise committing to reasonable safeguards, including traveling in pairs, learning from local trusted resources, respecting your new culture, and using common sense to avoid situations that could jeopardize your health and safety.  
  • Know your emergency plan. Please review the information on our In an Emergency page. Your best resources are most often local resources. Students, write your HTH insurance policy number on your INDCASE Card and share it with your family. Faculty and staff are covered by AIG Travel Assist and should make use of its resources.
  • Know your communication plan. Stay in contact with your family and pay attention to your e-mail. In the event of an emergency, many safety messages will be sent via e-mail.    
  • Know your resources with the U.S. State Department. All Notre Dame travelers should enroll in the U.S. State Department's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. STEP registration allows the State Department to better assist in the event of an emergency. Non-U.S. citizens should contact their home country's government to learn about available support.   

Notre Dame International monitors world events and will reach out to ND travelers with timely information. You may also reach out to NDI with questions about travel safety at: