Rome Summer Program 2018 is Doubling

Author: Costanza Montanari

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For the third year in a row, this summer the Rome Global Gateway will host the Rome Summer Program, an exciting opportunity for undergraduate students in all fields of study to live and learn in one of the oldest and most international cities in the world.

For the first time this year, however, NDI is doubling the offer with two different sessions.

The first session will be from May 21st until June 23rd and students will choose 2 courses. The classes among which they can choose are: an Anthropology course, a course in Romance Languages and Literatures, and a Theology course. The Anthropology class, The World in Rome: Pathways in Migration and Citizenship, taught by Prof. Maurizio Albahari, discusses the challenges faced by migrants upon their arrival in Rome and Italy and on their path to citizenship. The Romance Languages and Literatures course, All Roads Lead to Rome, taught by local faculty, surveys the city’s history and changing culture through study of its major archaeological sites, monuments, and museums. The Theology course, Catholic Social Tradition and Migration, taught by Fr. Diego Alonso-Lasheras, Professor at the Gregorian University, addresses the main facts and concepts about immigration necessary for theological and ethical reflection. Political, economic and social dimensions of immigration are illuminated by resources presented by the long history of the Catholic Social Tradition. 

The second session will take place from June 28 to August 4th, 2018; students will choose 2 courses among a very diverse set of options: a Film, Television and Theatre Course, Framing Rome, taught by Prof. James Collins, that explores the ways in which Rome has been envisioned by photographers and filmmakers from the early photography of the 1850s to the digital culture of the contemporary period. A Civil Engineering course, Water and Disease of Ancient Rome and Today, taught by Prof. Joshua Shroud, which discusses the link between the conveyance of water with limiting prevalent diseases important to ancient Rome. A  Romance Languages and Literatures course, Beginning Italian I, taught by Prof. Tiziana Serafini, which follows the same curriculum taught during the regular semesters and will allow students to enroll in ROIT 10102 once back on campus in the Fall semester; and a Philosophy course, taught by local faculty. 

For further information please visit the Study Abroad website. The application deadline is February 7th, 2018.