Inspired Leadership Initiative gets its Inspiration from Rome

Author: Costanza Montanari

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On February 2018, the Rome Global Gateway hosted a group meeting from the Inspired Leadership Initiative (ILI), a one-year Notre Dame program to help accomplished individuals who have completed their traditional career discern optimal paths to leverage their talents, experience and relationships as they pivot to a new mission. The Inspired Leadership Initiative will welcome its inaugural cohort of fellows in mid-2018. 

Fellows will first be afforded the opportunity to thoughtfully address some of the most critical questions facing highly accomplished people who have finished their traditional career yet are not ready to retire. They will explore ways to align their personal goals and values with pathways to greater meaning and impact in their later years.  

As part of the exploration and discovery process, fellows will be provided customized access to the world-class academic, intellectual, spiritual and social offerings of the University, both on the main campus and at Notre Dame’s Global Gateways.

The Global Gateways, such as our location in Rome, will afford our Fellows the opportunity to pursue missions that benefit from the location and resources available in the University’s international locations.  This distinctive ability afforded by the University to its ILI fellows will allow them to not only learn about subjects that involve global elements but to immerse in and experience them.  

The program is being led by 1984 Notre Dame alum Tom Schreier, who, with his team, sees this as a chance for the University to embrace those who are ready for change while helping them discover novel approaches to leveraging their considerable talents.

"Our recent experience in Rome with a group of co-creators who are helping to shape our program affirmed our view that adding an international opportunity is valuable and enriching."

"This is due in no small part to the gracious support of the leadership in Rome to develop curriculum for our Fellows that, when coupled with the location, beautiful facility and welcoming atmosphere, will ensure that such Gateways will provide an unparalleled forum for exploration and learning,” Schreier said.