Elise Fernandez wins the March Student Blog Competition!

Author: Emily Grassby

Many congratulations to Elise Fernandez who is the first ever winner of the Student Blog of the Month Competition!  The London Undergraduate Program Staff, including Director Warren von Eschenbach and Director of Student Affairs Judy Hutchinson, judged the blogs.
The aim of the competition is for students to give each other and future London undergraduates advise, encourage them to go out and explore the city, and make their time abroad unforgettable!  In her blog post Tupperware Makes me Happy… or the Adventures of Living on a Budget, Elise talks about her newfound self-confidence and self-sufficiency in a city with a rather complicated transportation system, her cooking feats, and success of living on a budget.
Judy Hutchinson said:
“While I really enjoyed reading all of the blogs, I thought Elise’s blog captured, quite humorously, some of the things that make up a good part of the daily life of students who come here to London.  While they all do amazing things and visit unbelievable sites, much of their time is spent learning how, for the first time, to live on a budget, how to cook, and how to navigate the transportation system and get around in a big city.  These are things they often mention on their initial applications to the program, and I think that many students take a large measure of satisfaction in learning how to accomplish these tasks while living here in London.  I think many students would say that living here, above all, was a huge boost to their self-confidence and Elise’s blog clearly conveys that sentiment.”
Well done to the other applicants Colby Hoyer and Caitlin Schlehuber!