Apple executive lectures at Notre Dame’s London Global Gateway

Author: Warren von Eschenbach

Apple executive lectures at Notre Dame’s London Global Gateway


Len Rinaldi, Apple’s Managing Director for Western Europe, delivered the fifth annual Notre Dame Alumni-Student Lecture at ND International’s London Global Gateway on April 17. ND International and the Notre Dame Club of London cosponsor the lecture series, which is intended to bring Notre Dame students and alumni together to engage with academic, business, and governmental leaders from around the world.

In his talk titled “Success through Innovation: Breaking All of the Rules,” Rinaldi traced Apple’s rise to its position as the world’s most valuable company to a culture of innovation and a willingness to ignore conventional wisdom related to customer service, supply chain management, marketing and sales, and finance.

“We believe that success lies in remaining true to our core mission, making great products, investing in innovation, and valuing simplicity,” he told more than 70 alumni and students attending the lecture. Rinaldi also spoke of the importance of social responsibility and Apple’s efforts to promote fair labor practices in countries that manufacture its products as well as challenges associated with the global economy and the European Union.

“It was fascinating to get a firsthand view of Apple’s corporate culture, which values long-term strategic thinking over


customers’ short-term demands,” said David Mastrovich, an information technology major in the Mendoza College of Business studying in London this semester. “It was also a unique chance to see a presentation in the style of the late Steve Jobs, emphasizing simplicity, clarity, and showmanship. No matter what your technological inclination, Mr. Rinaldi had a lot of interesting points to make about one of the world’s most influential companies.”

Brad Gregory, professor of history at Notre Dame, also attended the event, as did ND Club of London officers Tad Becchetti (president), Ann Becchetti (secretary), Laura Castrillo (student coordinator), and Conrad Engelhardt (lecture coordinator).

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