International SOS

To keep you safe, healthy and informed while you are on University-related travel abroad, Notre Dame Global partners with International SOS (ISOS), the world’s leading international medical and travel security assistance company.

Your ISOS Fast 5

Did you know...

ISOS provides virtual mental health and emotional support services while abroad?

Call ISOS to get connected to a counselor while traveling anywhere in the world.

Here are five things to get you started with ISOS and better prepared for your next international trip:

  1. Download the ISOS assistance app and create an account using your Notre Dame email address and the University’s membership number (398TA4831047).
  2. Browse country guides on the Notre Dame ISOS member portal and sign up to receive alerts for countries you frequently visit or support travel to (*You must use your ND email address).
  3. Pick up your ISOS membership card from NDG at 105 Main Building (You can also print the membership card from the ISOS member portal or view the card on the app).
  4. Call International SOS (+1 215-942-8478, ND membership number 398TA4831047) to discuss your travel plans and strategies for staying healthy and safe while abroad.
  5. Review information about ISOS services on the pages found on the left-side navigation.

As a reminder, you are required to register university-related international trips. For more information, please visit the Register Your Travel page.